Truth! Many claim to have it - but no one can agree on what it is!             - RLJ

It is obvious that men disagree. They argue. Everyone has an opinion. Then who is right?! Within our society, this elusive thing called "truth" is handed over to the men of science, or to the men of religion, or other reputed experts. But they don't seem to agree either!! Moreover, most of us just seem to be interested only in that particular "expert" that will justify our existing point of view anyway!

Everyone will argue that they are dealing in "truth". Everyone believes that his or her opinion is right. In the midst of this confusion, how does one come upon that which is Real? Is there such a thing as truth?

This book is about the search for what is Real amidst the confusion of the many opinions. We are not interested in adding yet another opinion to the heap! Rather we are asking the more fundamental question as to whether there is such a thing as "truth"... and how we would separate it from all the other claims of opinion.

We start out by exploring how we would recognize truth if we came upon it, and why, if there is such a thing as truth, that humanity in general cannot agree upon what it is.

This book will present us with some startling revelations. We discover immediately in Chapter 1 that our tools of reasoning... directly within their very nature... have built-in limitations that easily distort what is real and give rise to our various opinions. We also see how these "flaws" of reasoning are inherent in logic itself and therefore even scientific theories and worldviews are affected!

Furthermore, we come to see that our minds tend to oppose any new viewpoint that does not agree with what we already believe. Since the very direction of this book is to point out these built-in flaws in our reasoning, we must take special care not to dismiss, too quickly, what might be a hidden truth and a new way of thinking. After all, to accept a change in the way we see the world, even if it is true, takes a special open-mindedness.

Sit down before a fact like a child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abyss Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing.             - T. H. Huxley

If you approach this book with such openness... you will not finish it the same way you started it! If you approach what is said with a mind that is open to the possibility of a new truth, you must come to a new awareness... a new consciousness! And the way you see the world will never be the same!!

The author is making a tremendous claim. Moreover, our inquiry into Reality is not based on any type of hocus pocus, metaphysics, religion, or theory. Upon taking the "Journey", much of what the world considers intelligent... will be seen to be distinctly and clearly irrational! In addition, the cause of most of the stupidity in the world will become obvious.

What is the ultimate solution for a happy life and a harmonious and peaceful world? Are there only opinions? Or, is there a solution? Does truth exist? Why hasn't Humanity been able to agree upon it? These are the questions we hope to address.

If the flaw exists in the very way we reason and recognize truth, then it will not be surprising that, collectively, all men of reason, using the same tools of reason and logic, would miss the solution that is right in front of us... and available to all! In fact, it is the "flaw" that is the cause of the problems in the first place!!

What if all the rulers are crooked?
                - Phoebe (from "Friends")

Be assured, this book will not be like any other you have ever read. Be ready to explore where you have never been before! We will be taking the "Journey" together... as friends. It will touch every aspect of our life. There is no persuasion toward any point of view. There is only the movement from fact to fact. We will be inquiring into the very nature of truth. We will proceed slowly, but directly, step-by-step.

We must understand that our current Worldview was put together since childhood. By now, all the pieces "sort of" fit together for us. All of the pieces taken together present us with our particular picture of the world. It has become our idea of reality, and has been reinforced by the agreement of others. We must see that any new information... taken as a single piece... may not fit into our old Worldview... no matter how true the new information might be. So, before we make a hasty decision, we must allow enough new pieces to enter... before judgement... so that they have time to paint their own truth. With the new picture of reality in place, we can then see for ourselves... with our own common sense... which is more rational. All we ask is the chance to paint our picture... with the promise that it will change our life forever!

So, if you are ready for the Journey of your life, let us embark. All that is required is... a quiet place with no distractions... an unhurried, inquisitive, open mind... and your complete attention! Let us begin!

Taken from the Introduction of "The Incredible Journey"

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