Excursions into Truth:

What would you say if someone told you that Most everything you have been told, since you were a child, is untrue?!

What would you say if they suggested that all of Mankind is living in a mass illusion?!

Would you pursue it? Would you want to know if such an astounding possibility could be true?

This book is making that very claim!!

We consider Man to be the highest life form on earth. We proclaim him to be the most intelligent. And, here in the West, we take great pride that our technology makes us the most superior civilization of any other - past or present. We have the most advanced automobiles, jet planes, TVs, computers, and weapons. In the earth's evolution, we see ourselves as its highest achievement.

Yet, there is a dark side of all this. There is war, greed, and corruption at the highest levels of government. Big business seems out of control. And now, there is global warming, world hunger, and nuclear and chemical pollution threatening us from every direction. Our forests, streams, rivers, and air are more at risk every day. People are becoming more obese. Heart disease and cancer are epidemic. Drugs and crime are on the increase. In addition, there is an ominous sense that we are losing our children. And, somewhere in the back of our minds, there is a disturbing feeling that we are responsible for all of this!

How can we reconcile this apparent contradiction? Can the most intelligent of all animals be behaving irrationally? Can it be that Man is deceiving himself?

This book will show that Mankind is living in illusion. Man has convinced himself that he is the paragon of creation when, all the while, his behavior is completely irrational. We only accept this illusion because it is a flattering fantasy and has come to be welcomed by all of Mankind! It is the illusion we all want to keep!!

If this is indeed the case, then how did it happen? What is the source of the illusion? Why do we stay in it? And, most importantly, is it possible to live a truly rational life?

Only the sincerely interested can find out. Most of us are content to remain in our world of illusion. Only the most courageous can face what must be faced - that the world as we see it - as we have been taught it - is completely false! Behind the cheering, the back slapping, and the dubious mask of "progress", lies worldwide destruction. Our misplaced euphoria is all part of a generally accepted illusion!!

Then what is genuinely real - and how can we recognize it? Are we prepared to face what is true? Are you prepared to radically change your view of life - and the way you live it? But, be forewarned! Only the most courageous of souls should pass through these gates!!

So, do we go on and leave the rest behind - leave them as contented members of the herd. Or, do we remain huddled with them, in a world of fantasy, clinging to our familiar and comforting illusion?! What do you say - do we proceed? For the brave at heart, The Incredible Journey will now begin!

All truth is an achievement. If you would have truth at its value, go win it.                                                    - T.T. Munger

Taken from the PREFACE of "The Incredible Journey"