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These writings are synonymous with meditation. The process began in 1993. I was reading "The Ending of Time", a deeply intriguing discussion between J. Krishnamurti and quantum physicist David Bohm. The book was a delving into Reality that was more fascinating than any fiction could be. As a physicist, Bohm was asking Krishnamurti many of the questions I would have wanted to ask. I found myself so deeply involved that I was taking copious notes.

The topics covered sent my mind reeling into new and unchartered recesses of consciousness. I tried my utmost to record what my mind was experiencing. It was my initial experience with Meditation. In the end, my notes revealed part book and mostly my own account of my mental/spiritual excursion into the unknown.

As time went on, I found myself able to get to that mental state... that place of inquiry, passion, and delving into Reality... on my own. Attempting to record these adventures became a natural part of the process. The insights were nonverbal and often fleeting. Putting the experience into words helped to capture what was illuminated. For myself, the writing... the finding the most accurate description of what was discovered... became the challenge. The writing of it brought the insight into terms my everyday life could understand and get hold of. It rewrote my map of Reality. It took my previously automatic responses, those based on conditioning and falsehoods, and replaced them with a fresh, new way of seeing Reality and Life.

To me, the writing was every bit as important to my own progress as was the Meditation itself. Now, until I can record the insight in words, I feel the process is incomplete... and transient. Often an insight can be as fleeting as a will-o-wisp and, unless put into words, can be lost as quickly as it came. An accurate description captures that which is timeless and brings it into the material world where common logic can then act on it.

In the coming years, many notepads were filled with such revelations. In 1997, we fortunately found ourselves in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Fate allowed us to have an apartment overlooking this awe-inspiring lake. It is in this most uplifting environment that I began the challenge of writing The Incredible Journey. The new Meditations and writings would be directed to taking any serious human being that truly wanted to understand Reality and walk him through, step by step, that which he needed to understand to break free of his conditioning and to experience life in the Territory... and not the map.

Future Writings

In recent years, financial demands have guided my right-action into web design and teaching... at the expense of my morning Meditations and writing.

This website is an attempt to see if my writings could serve as a source of right-livelihood for me. If so, then I would be able to return to them.

If I could earn a simple living through my writings, I will happily return to them.

We will see where this experiment leads!

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